SELaiCK Alerts 4-2021 (MCO Update #8 – As at 17 Mar 2021) – PEMERKASA Program

2021 PEMERKASA Program

Subsequent to the Economic Stimulus Package 2020 (ESP) announced on 27 Feb 2020, further economic stimulus measures were announced in response to the continuing economic impact of the COVID-19 crises:

PEMERKASA provides new economic recovery programmes worth RM20 Billion to curtail the spread of COVID-19, drive economic recovery, strengthen national competitiveness, ensure a regional and community inclusive agenda and transform the economy.

We have extracted in this Memorandum, pertinent measures from PEMERKASA which in our view would be relevant from both the business and individual perspectives to our clients for their consideration, including current measures undertaken by the Government to combat Covid-19.

The implementation of the proposed measures would be subject to any clarification and guidance from the relevant authorities and being legislated where applicable.  As such, further details on the proposed measures are expected to be released by the authorities in due course.

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22 Mar 21